Date Title Presenter
1/08/2021 Virtual Meeting Recommendations and Ideas 
Powerpoint - Virtual Meeting Tools
Bronson Lewis & guest speaker Dr. Ruth Inman
2/12/2021 App updates: ELMS, PARS, & Trumba Isaac Wallace
3/12/2021 Fillable Forms: Microsoft and Adobe
15th Anniversary of CC
Levi Arnold
4/09/2021 End of the Fiscal Year Purchases
Presentation Slides
Bronson Lewis, Isaac Wallace, and Levi Arnold
5/14/2021 Microsoft PowerPoint and new presentation technologies Isaac Wallace
6/11/2021 Editing Images (Corrections, Sizing, Image File Types, and more!) Bronson Lewis
7/09/2021 Microsoft Video Editor: Intro videos for presentations Levi Arnold
8/13/2021 Technology FAQs and Successful Practices Bronson Lewis, Isaac Wallace, and Levi Arnold
9/10/2021 Microsoft Office 365 updates Isaac Wallace
10/08/2021 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month Bronson Lewis
11/12/2021 Personal Technology Purchases
Bronson Lewis, Isaac Wallace, and Levi Arnold
12/10/2021 Updating and Organizing Your Computer for the New Year Levi Arnold

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