Below is a list of Cooperative Conversations that have been recorded for the current year. (Previous years are available to the left.) Click the link for a conversation to view it; you may have to log in with your Centra ID.


Title Presenter
January 11, 2013
Plone Training
 Levi Arnold
February 8, 2013
Outlook 2010 in Detail
Levi Arnold
March 8, 2013
Social Media Overview
Cynthia Hobbs
April 12, 2013 Excel 2010: Basic Spreadsheets
Levi Arnold
May 10, 2013
Excel 2010: Advanced Spreadsheets and Data
Scott Wilson
June 7, 2013
Tablets for Extension: Which to Choose
Levi Arnold, Cynthia Hobbs and Scott Wilson
July 12, 2013
Publisher 2010 in Detail
Levi Arnold
August 9, 2013
Backups for Offices and Individuals
Scott Wilson
Sept 13, 2013
Tablets for Extension: What's Everyone Doing?
Cynthia Hobbs
October 11, 2013
National Cybersecurity Month
Scott Wilson
November 8, 2013
Social Media in OCES: Who's Doing What?
Cynthia Hobbs
December 13, 2013
Merging With Mail and Email
Scott Wilson

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