General Computing Links

General Computing:

Webopedia - glossary of technology terms
If you have ever wondered if something was a hoax or a real threat, is a great resource for helping you find out.
If you are looking for information about a process that is running on your computer, is a great place to start.
If you are new to Microsoft Office, or need information about a recent upgrade, Microsoft offers free training for several versions of its suite. has many different versions of free cheat sheets for Microsoft Office and other programs.

Viruses and Updates:

Microsoft Security Essentials is currently what Oklahoma State University uses to protect computers from threats like viruses.  You can download it here.
Secunia PSI  is a great application which monitors program updates for your computer.  This will keep you informed if new versions of software are available as well as the link to acquire them.
Ninite is an installer for multiple programs frequently used.  Examples of this software are Java, .Net, iTunes, Adobe Reader.

General Links and Downloads:

The ODOT Mileage Table is used for determining mileage between cities in Oklahoma.

Default Ninite Installer (Download and run to install or update free software on your computer)

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