Creating Websites and Blogs

If you are interested in creating a website or blog, please contact Dwayne Hunter. While DASNR IT offers services that enable websites and blogs in use by over 200 OSU websites, we also work with your local department and with OSU IT to provide the best solution depending upon your needs. 

We use Plone as our content management system (CMS). While it has been our platform of choice for many years, we also use Wordpress in specific situations.

Plone provides a useful tool to create forms for use on your website. (See the link below.) As a calendar solution, we use Trumba and have provided instructional material.


Adding Forms To Your Website
Adding forms to your website
How to create a post in Spotlight on DASNR
This guide walks you through creating a post for Spotlight on DASNR in Wordpress.
Office 365 Form Tutorial
Office 365 Form tutorial
Plone 3 user manual
A User Manual for Plone content creators and managers.
Plone Form Tutorial
Plone Form tutorial
Plone Manual
This is revision 6 of the Plone manual
Resizing Photos for use as Plone Banners
How to choose and resize photos to be used as banner pictures on Plone websites - not necessary for new sites with the image rotator
Using Internet Explorer 9 to edit Plone websites
How to use IE9 to edit Plone websites -- fixes the body text not showing when using IE9 error
Using WordPress
This document covers using WordPress. It includes information on the WordPress Toolbar, Inserting Media and Adding Contact Forms.
Welcome to Plone
The Plone quickstart guide
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